Self-sustaining educational farm in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Traidhos Farm Programmes

Traidhos Three-Generation Farm provides cross-curricular farm opportunities, which encourage participants to connect to the natural world while learning new skills and knowledge. Activities promote fun and sustainability so that participants can make informed lifestyle choices. It is managed to be a self-sustaining farm.

Visiting Schools

Exploring, growing, harvesting and feasting in a sustainable way through customised K-12 programmes. Thai language instruction is available.


Sparking students' curiosity about their world through hands-on activities.

Primary Years

Sustainability concepts delivered through games, activities and local wisdom.

Middle Years

Engaging learners in the importance of sustainable practices through soil, compost and water studies.

Traidhos Farm Staff

Sandeep Varma

Head of Farm Activities

Kannika Kaewrakmuk

Farm Education Facilitator

Sompong Naruemonnapakorn

Farm Education Facilitator

Baljyot Kaur

Farm Education Facilitator

Pongsakon Hemu

Farm Staff Manager

Kriangdech Srisomboonpri

Animal care specialist

Alongkorn Baiboonnarawut

Planting Farmers

Pukkha Papaw

Planting Farmers

Jaohha moo Glurmu

Buffalo Farmer

Fantastic hands-on learning experiences


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Discovering the importance and brilliance of the connections in our natural world.

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